Fitness Center Albuquerque


Fitness Center Albuquerque

eVOLVSTRONG is an Albuquerque fitness center that welcomes and encourages individuals of all fitness levels to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. From diet and exercise plans to lifestyle changes, we’re dedicated to helping our members transform their mind, body, and health! Are you ready to eVOLV? Meet and exceed all your fitness goals by joining the eVOLVSTRONG gym today!

Real People, Real Results

We get it—going to the gym and being surrounded by people who are big, buff, and toned can be intimidating. Additionally, not knowing how to use the machines, what workouts to do, or what weight to use can be discouraging. At eVOLVSTRONG, we’ve broken through these barriers to help anyone become healthy, both physically and mentally! We have no type, know no boundaries, and avert all stigmas. We are simply a fitness center in Albuquerque helping real people achieve real results and consequently, better themselves!

A Personalized Fitness Experience

We recognize that everyone’s version of health and fitness are different. The goals we aim to achieve vary, as do the ways in which we learn and maintain motivation. eVOLVSTRONG offers a variety of services, classes, and programs designed to help everyone reach their next level, including:

Unlimited Club Membership: From yoga to boxing, we offer over 90 fitness, strength, and flexibility classes a week!

Phoenix Programs: With a focus on results, we help transform the lives and physique of countless individuals through our Phoenix fitness programs.

Personal Training: Lose weight, bulk up, improve speed & agility, and more with training, diet, and exercise plans personalized to you!

Physical Therapy: Following an illness or injury, ensure you make a full and successful recovery with physical therapy focused on helping you achieve independence.

Corporate & Community Wellness: Improve your business as a result of healthier, happier employees by encouraging good health and wellness in the workplace!

Begin Your eVOLUTION

If you’ve been searching for a fitness center in Albuquerque where you are welcomed and encouraged to reach your goals—look no further, join eVOLVSTRONG! More than a gym, we aim to be a place of inspiration and motivation, where trainers and members encourage one another every day. We offer a fitness experience and community like none other—discover why when you become a part of eVOLVSTRONG today!

Your journey to a healthier, happier life begins with a phone call—dial (505) 872-3408 NOW and become a member of eVOLVSTRONG!

We All Start Somewhere

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